Welcome to the Creative Business Bootcamp. 

Are you  here to make a change to your brand?  Do you you want to be energized with new exciting ideas?  Do you want to be guided with like-minded people, and feel empowered to KEEP GOING?

If yes, then you’re ready to take the next step with the Bootcamp.

How To Face Your Fear

Explore what is holding you back in business or on a personal level and how to tackle that little voice in your head.  You are 1 click away from finding out how to FACE YOUR FEAR.

Boost Your Brand 

The time is now.

Do you have personal life goal? Do you want to take your business to that next level?  Do you want to create a personal brand for yourself? 

WARNING. This is a touch LOVE fully packed course to LEVEL YOU UP. Do you really want it? 

Time To Start Up 

Do you have an idea ,hobby  or part time job you want to really take to the next level?  Starting a business can be a mixed bag of emotions and questions. You don’t have to do it alone. 

Mini Bootcamp Workshops

Do you want to know more about how to build a commercial range? Do you need to understand how to cost your product?  HOW CAN YOU CREATE MORE ENERGY in your business, life and your posts?

All of these workshops are available for you.  We have a mixture of  ideal workshops for you 

1 to 1  Sessions

High Energy. High Motivation. Goal Setting on  a one  sessions.
Let’s smash those goals together and make it HAPPEN.

-About Ronke-


I’m Ronke the founder of the Creative Business Bootcamp. After many years in the world of fashion, running several businesses, as well as my own I am so excited to finally put my years of experience and university lecturing forward for you all to experience.
Your journey with me will be fun, energetic, motivational, but above all, it will be positive with a hint of touch LOVE.
When you sign up for any session you will learn resilience and how to never give up.
My journey to true resilience was gained after my 3rd redundancy…


Let’s talk Sustainablity and Ethics.  You’ll have 1st hand access to Ronke’s amazing journey and 1st hand advice on how you can make your business more sustainable, innovative and ethical. From fabrics, textiles, manfacturing and diversity.

It’s time to move your brand forward with expert advice from Ronke Fashola


We are bringing LIVE events directly to you. With the help of our industry experts you will be able to experience a number of exciting  workshops, debates, creative workshops and more.  Don’t worry.. All our events are FUN, Welcoming and will help you kick start that creative engine into 1st gear. 

Creative Bootcamp

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