-About Ronke-

About The Bootcamp

So you’ve made it this far.
Listen your journey is only just beginning and it’s going to be AMAZING. Each one of you who signs up to a course at CBB will gain vital knowledge to help move you to that next level. I want you to know this won’t be easy, but you will come out stronger, wiser, POSITIVE, and more excited to KEEP GOING.
Are you a procrastinator? Do you feel lost and unsure of what your next step should be? Do you have a business or brand and need support that’s has a hint of tough love to make sure it happens? Then let’s make this happen together.

Welcome to the cbb

Hi I’m Ronke

 Lets start from the beginning.

I started working in the fashion world over a decade ago. I won’t get into dates. That’ll just give my age away. After graduating with a degree in Business and Marketing I began my path in the corporate world working as a fashion buyer. After 10 years and 3, redundancies my life as a buyer came to an end, it gave me the tools to do so much. I think if it as a bittersweet victory. 

 After buying I began to style family and friends. I saw the confidence I brought people when dressing them in the right colours, shapes, and prints. After styling several friends word of mouth slowly spread and I found myself with my first business, a styling consultancy. This was my went on to become one of the leading personal styling companies in the UK. After 10 years I sold my first company to help fund a step onto the property ladder and my second business venture; Love Your Look London. 

Fast forward and while setting up my second brand I landed myself a job as a fashion lecturer and business advisor for startups at the London College of Fashion. The passion to help people, motivate them, help them see their potential came naturally, and is something I continue to do with South Bank University in London. Only now I am a part-time course director.

So let’s recap… After 5 years of building businesses and helping startups as a lecturer. 10 years developing clothing collections for high street stores to make them millions. 2 successful businesses (one which is now a leading vintage replica brand in the world, all after 3 redundancies. Finally, I am putting a name to it all so I can help others build their dreams up.

If you want to be energized, motivated, pushed to your fullest potential, just click below and let’s get started!