Boost Your Brand

Who should do this course?


This 4 week group intensive course will help you drive your business or personal brand to the next level. You will gain expert advice from Ronke and the founder of  Untld Project .

These two practitioners have a vast amount of experience in their field and are ready to share their knowledge.

You should do this course if you want to focus to see a change in your brand. If you want a fresh prospective on how to move your business forward, how you can hit your monthly goals, how you can be productive.  If you are an influencer and want to make the next  This course is for you.


You will gain motivation, energy and be excited again to drive your ideas, brand or business forward. You will connect with others on the same journey as you. You need to move forward, but have no idea how to. With our support and guidance you will feel fully confident to ‘Boost your Brand’. 


  • Access to a personal Facebook group
  • Group Zoom Session for 1 hour once a week
  • Weekly homework and action points to do and take away.
  • Visible support on social network pages
  • Check up buddies. 
  • You’ll take home empowerment and strength within a new community.



Week 1 – You, Your Product or Service 

In your first week you will start to explore you, your product or your services .  Bottom line. How can you make more money and how can you increase your offering to your customer.  

You will be helped to build a strategy to move your product, service or yourself forward into a new exciting chapter.  An intense, but highly rewarding week.



Module 2

Week 2 – Customers and values  

In your second week we will explore your customer and brand values. We’ll pick apart with a fine tooth comb your customer, who they are, how you communicate to them and how you can improve your relationship with them and your brand. 

During your first week you will be given key skills to stay motivated so you can keep going and continue to believe in your final goal.

It won’t be all fun and games. This first week will give you a dose of touch love and really force you to address your brand now and what your brand could be in the future.


Module 3

Week 3 – Branding and social media

In your third week you will understand how to boost your branding and social media. You will go through a number of key skills to help you inject new life into your branding and social media. 

You will be challenged to step outside of your comfort zone and address new ways to engage your current customers and gain new ones.

This second week will help you focus your brand for the future and allow you to have a new found confidence with your social media platforms and what your brand convays to others. 


Module 4

Week 4 – Marketing and PR 

Your final week will see it all fall into place. How will you get yourself out there?

How will you get noticed. We will look at short term and long term marketing goals to set you on the right path. 

PRICE £395

1 :2 :1   Coaching

These intense  1:2:1 sessions with Ronke will be tailor made for you. You will be supported on a personal level to help think outside of the box and take your brand to the next level.   These 1 hour sessions will be invaluable.