How to face your fear

Who should do this course?

This course is for you if you want a 2-week shake-up, feel lost, or may want a change of direction. This course is for you if you have the skills but don’t know where to start and can’t understand what is holding you back. This course is for you if you want to open a new door in your life to cross over to that next level. Be ready to be motivated. Be ready to gain energy and strength and to finally make that bloody thing happen

why you need THIS 

You will gain an understanding of how to tackle your fear factor. That little voice that stops you from following your dreams…
We’ll explore that voice and plan how to push it down, so every time it comes up for air you know how to FACE IT. You will take away key work that will be explored and you will take away key planning to tackle your fear in business. You will learn how to ‘Face Your Fear’.

What Do I Get?

  • Access to a personal Facebook group
  • Group Zoom Session for 1 hour once a week 
  • Weekly home work and action points to do and take away.

  • Visible support on social network pages

  • You’ll take home empowerment and a strength within a new community. 

Module 1

Week 1 – Let’s make it happen 

In week 1 you’ll learn how to make things happen. We’ll look at how to put your mind into a positive mindset. 

  • How to make things happen and take action.
  • This module will address the first steps of How to Face your Fear and really realign your focus to ensure you are ready to take action.
  • Lastly you will look at creative ways to fight the fear.


Module 2

Week 2 – Take Action 

In your final week you will understand how to;

  • Cancel out your fear. 
  • You will begin to take action and understand how to take action. 
  • We will create key ways to keep you moving forward so you can successfully ‘Face Your Fear’ confidently. 

Are you ready for some energy and to take the next steps forward?

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