Mini Must hAVES

Who should do this course?

mini 1 day workshops

In these exciting workshops you will have lots of high energy, motivation and self empowerment from Ronke. You will be encouraged to explore new ideas, look at old ideas and really understand how your creative brand should look in the future. Everyone is welcome to our MINI  Bootcamp workshops, with or without a business.



Our MINI MUST HAVE workshops are designed for anyone who wants to take time to learn something new to help boost their business, life journey or just want to gain more knowledge in their current or new field.

Anyone can take a MINI Bootcamp Workshops. If you have a business, thinking of having one or just want to learn more, these are great workshops to consider. We will be changing our workshops and adding more every 6 – 7 weeks. Keeping you on your toes. 


Sparkle & Shine 

 This is a great workshop for you, your team or anyone you know who wants to understand what visualization is and how it can effectively work in your life.

Yes it really works… So get ready to Sparkle in Shine in all your finery, because to be creative you have to show up to this workshop in your in your creative gear.

In this workshop you will be encouraged to see things in a more colourful and exciting way.

This workshop will be held in a sparkle and shine environment, full of energy, support and power. You will explore how to think ‘BIG’ and create a truly motivational and expressive way of showing this within our workshop. 

We break down visualization into bits sizes within this 1 hour workshop, interactive, group workshop.

You’ll work with experts to understand how you can implement visualization into your life.

Price: £25

Book – Spakle and Shine

Monday 2nd November  @ 7pm  – ONLY 20 SPACES

20 in stock

Monday 26th October  @ 7pm  – ONLY 30 SPACES

30 in stock

 your Product & Service 

In this one hour we will look at what your current product or service is . 

Is it selling? Yes… Then lets find out how you can sell more . 

Is it selling? No… Then lets find out why not.

In this group session you will all be encouraged to look at new innovative ways to develop your product or service strategy so you can maximize your profit, time and margins.

1 hour. Plus worksheets to make your magic happen.

Price: £35

Book – Workout your Product & Service 

Tuesday 20th October @ 10am  – ONLY 25 SPACES

25 in stock

Tuesday 20th October @ 7pm  – ONLY 20 SPACES

25 in stock

 ENERGY Boost 


This 1 hour session is going to give you a true bootcamp ENERGY BOOST. 


You will leave wanting more each time. This will motivate you. Make you see clarity and ensure you know just how fantastic you can be just by changing your energy levels. 

This session will happen as a group workshop. In a safe space so you can learn from each other and share experiences to keep you ENERGIZED at WORK or in your Personal Life.

Price: £29

Book – Energy Boost

Mon 21st Sept @ 10am  – ONLY 30 SPACES

30 in stock

 Mon 21st Sept @ 7pm  – ONLY 30 SPACES

30 in stock

Let’s make YOU visIble

Something is holding you back from being more visible.. Find out what that something could be and lets take steps to MAKE YOU VISIBLE.

You will be shown fun ways to gain more confidence and show up in front of the camera. 

At the end of your 1 hour session you’ll be ready to face that camera. 

Price: £25

Book – Let’s make you visible

Tuesday 6th Oct @ 10am  – ONLY 20 SPACES

20 in stock

Tuesday 6th Oct @ 7pm  – ONLY 30 SPACES

30 in stock

1: 2: 1  Sessions With  Ronke

These intense  1:2:1 sessions with Ronke will be tailor made for you. You will be supported on a personal level to help think outside of the box and take your brand to the next level.   These 1 hour sessions will be invaluable.