Time to Start UP

Who should do this course?


You’ve finally decided to take that leap. The first step is the hardest, but let me tell you something, as soon as you start to get the ball rolling or that you’ll be thinking is why didn’t you do it sooner.  This is an ideal course if you have a business idea but haven’t got a clue of where to start.  You really want guidance from experts who are going to make sure you are accountable so things finally start to happen. 


You are finally ready to start seeing your dreams come to life.  Others around you are doing it, they are selling, they are creating and so can you. You have got everything needed to make it a success and the CBB team are hear to help you.



  • Access to a personal Facebook group
  • Group Zoom Session for 1 hour once a week
  • Weekly homework and action points to do and take away.
  • Visible support on social network pages
  • Check up buddies. 
  • You’ll take home empowerment and strength within a new community.



Week 1 – Who are you? 


 In your first week we will explore who you are and who you want to be.  You’ll be asked to consider what your future plans are for your brand through proven strategy.  

You will discover who you are and what you want to be. Looking at your authentic brand message. 

During your first week you will be given key skills to stay motivated so you can keep going and continue to believe in your final goal.  

We will give you the key information to start gaining traction online so you can build you brand.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It will take time, but commitment and motivation is essentail from you if you want to make it happen. 


Module 2

Week 2  What  have I got myself into? 

We will start to tackle the key areas you need to focus on. Staying on path and hitting your key objectives will be areas you’ll be supported with. 

We will help you understand how start selling your product or services. Is your product or service ready for the market? Don’t worry these are all things we will be  

You will be teamed with a buddy to bounce ideas off this week and your weekly homework will ensure you are ready for your 3rd week. 


Module 3

Week 3 – Let’s Make Your Money

How do you price your product or service? How do you find the best way to be ethically source products, materials? How do you MAKE MONEY? 

Be ready to see all the ways you could be making money from your product or service.  

Module 4

Week 4 Marketing / PR

Promotion is key.. But how do you do it authentically ? How do you communicate your product to the  public? When do you communicate?  

You will have FUN. You will be Motivated and You wont need to have pages of PLANS to do have successful marketing. 

Don’t understand social media or worried about getting started. We will get you geared up and ready to confidently be promoting your products and services.


PRICE £190

1 :2: 1 Coaching 

These intense  1:2:1 sessions with Ronke will be tailor made for you. You will be supported on a personal level to help think outside of the box and take your brand to the next level.   These 1 hour sessions will be invaluable.